Welcome to ANZ Extras Package – beyond just banking!

Please be aware the ANZ Extras Package will be closing to all customers on 30 April 2014. Customers who hold an ANZ Extras Package will not be able to access package benefits after this date.
If you would like general information, please call 1800 155 261

At the heart of the ANZ Extras Package is an everyday bank account with Visa Debit, plus you also have access to many other great benefits. Have a look at the following sections to see what the ANZ Extras Package offers.

Find out more about Good times benefits Find out more about Money matters benefits Find out more about Useful things benefits Find out more about Protection benefits
  • Discounted dining
  • An event ticketing service
  • Heaps of shopping bargains
  • Find out more
  • An everyday account with Visa Debit access
  • A fee free overdraft facility
  • Bonus interest on a savings account
  • Find out more
  • Roadside assistance
  • Find a tradesperson service
  • Home emergency assist
  • Find out more
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Domestic travel insurance
  • Accidental death insurance
  • Find out more

Click here to see a full list of the benefits or download the full ‘ANZ Extras Package Benefits Terms and Conditions’ if you require much more detailed information about any of the benefits offered.

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