Mobile phone insurance
Accidental death insurance
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Mobile phone insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance Mobile Phone Insurance

Simply register your phone within 30 days of taking out your ANZ Extras Package, and 14 days later you're covered for one handset, covering theft, loss, breakdown, accidental damage and unauthorised calls in connection with theft!*

What is covered?

Worldwide insurance for one handset per account (must be less than two years old at the time a claim is made) covering:

  • Theft from a locked vehicle (when phone is concealed)
  • Theft from locked premises
  • Accidental loss
  • Accidental damage including liquid damage
  • Unauthorised calls (in connection with theft)
  • Breakdown

* Cover is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions; see ‘ANZ Extras Package Benefits Terms and Conditions’. Excesses apply.

Accidental death insurance

Accidental death insurance
Accidental death insurance

With an ANZ Extras Package, the primary account holder's estate will receive $25,000 in the event of their accidental death, which could help pay for some of the immediate expenses, such as funeral costs.

For full details of this benefit and the exclusions that apply, please read the ‘ANZ Extras Package Benefits Terms and Conditions’.

What's in it for you?

The peace of mind of knowing your dependants will receive some compensation in the event of your accidental death.

  • Your estate will receive a lump sum of $25,000 (if you suffer an accident that results in your death)
  • You are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world
  • There are no medical checks
  • You must be the primary account holder of an ANZ Extras Package account and aged between 18 and 80 at the time of the event

Please note: In recommending this account to you, ANZ consultants have not taken into consideration your personal needs and financial circumstances in relation to Accidental Death insurance so you will need to consider if this feature is appropriate for you. If you have any life insurance needs, please ask to see one of our ANZ Financial Planners.

Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance
Domestic travel insurance

If you are someone who travels regularly for pleasure within Australia, you understand the value of travel. Insurance to protect you should you lose or damage your luggage, or perhaps when you have to cancel your holiday due to being involved in an accident. As well as covering loss of luggage and cancellation costs, there are a range of other benefits designed to protect you when you travel within Australia.

What's in it for you?

Peace of mind, knowing you are covered for*:

  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal effects
  • Medical repatriation if you become too sick to travel while travelling
  • Cancellation of your holiday due to things like sudden injury, illness, death or redundancy
  • Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses
  • Excess on your rental vehicle should you have an accident
  • A host of other extras

The benefit covers you (and your partner and your dependent children provided you are all under 70* for multiple trips a year.

* To understand the exclusions and the full details of what you are and are not covered for, you should read the ‘Protection’ section of the ‘ANZ Extras Package Benefits Terms and Conditions’.

Terms and conditions apply to all of these benefits, please refer to the ‘ANZ Extras Package Benefits Terms and Conditions’ for details.
ANZ is not the provider of any of the goods or services offered. The providers of these goods or services are entirely independent from ANZ and is not owned or controlled by ANZ. Subject to any applicable law which cannot be excluded, ANZ makes no warranties or representations regarding the quality, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for purpose of products or services available from these providers.

Please be aware the ANZ Extras Package will be closing to all customers on 30 April 2014. Customers who hold an ANZ Extras Package will not be able to access package benefits after this date.
If you would like general information, please call 1800 155 261